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cartoons for adults

cartoons for adults

Although our childhood is over, it is well known that many do not stop watching television until the day we die and that many long for those caricatures of children, so very many creators of cartoons make them especially for teens and adults with scenes and dialogues and include, but because of their dialogue is very important to observe not let young children because they may be confused about issues of sexuality, violence treatment towards his own family among other things, now I present some of the most watched on television.

South Park is an American television series of animation created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central channel. It is aimed at adults and is characterized by satirizing with black humor society today and American culture through stories and situacionessurrealistas that befall the protagonists, four children (Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny) living in a fictional town Colorado called South Park.


The family of the neighborhood is a television series set in the city of Mexico, lower-class living in a building of lower class, this series is set in things that happen inside the country Mexico and try to see how lives and speaks lower class family, is transmitted by MTV.

Ugly Americans is a series that airs on Comedy Central and MTV where in the city of new york suddenly all the characters in stories of demons fairies, monsters and other things start the historio show is about as day to day you deal with mark them live in an apartment with such a zombie who wants to eat every day.

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